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GaTE (Genomics and Transposable Elements) lab investigates transposable elements pattern, plant pathogen genomics (GEMAC) and adaptation and DNA repair. The main focus is on the impact of transposable elements on genome differentiation providing new regulatory networks and early species divergence.

On plants, more precisely in sugarcane, her group was the first to discriminate that these elements considered silent and non-coding parts of the genome are instead expressed in several tissues. Early results also contributed to the epigenetic field whereby transposable elements are controlled by changes in DNA methylation patterns using Arabidopsis and maize Ac transposable element.

In bacteria phytopathogen genomes, we have looked at the contribution of IS elements to gene diversity pool and genome structure among closely related bacterial strains of different XanthomonasXylella and Leifsonia species, mainly through bioinformatics analyzes.

More recently a group effort, within BIOEN-FAPESP Research program, aims at generating a draft sequence from sugarcane providing tools to gene discovery and polyploid variation since gene content is limited to the structured concept of the genome.